We Are Serious About
Asset Disposal


Eliminate exposure and environmental risk through our certified destruction process.


Prevent accidental or illegal use of sensitive information through our secure disposal process.


Achieve your recycling goals with our custom services. We're here to help!

Secure destruction is none of your business, but it IS ours!

We'll give you peace of mind and help you determine what method of asset disposal is right for you and your business.

Working with us is easy!

1. Schedule a drop off or pickup

2. Stuff enters our secure environment

3. We destroy, dispose, recycle and audit

4. You get peace of mind

If you are seeking an asset disposal partner, contact Asset LifeCycle today!


Not sure what you need?

Allow us to discover and develop a solution with you.


Our Commitment to You

No matter where your company is located, Asset LifeCycle is committed to being a leader in developing and utilizing materials recovery and recycling technologies, ensuring healthy, environmentally safe and responsible methodologies for reducing surplus assets entering the landfills or waste stream.

Environmental Laws and Regulations are Always Changing 

Asset LifeCycle will give you peace of mind! 

Did you know that our average handler:


Recycles enough plastic to save 8,150 barrels of oil?

New Cars

Recycles enough steel to make 825+ new cars?

Gold Medals

Recycles enough gold to make 1,600+ Olympic Gold Medals?

Light Bulbs

Recycles enough steel to run a light bulb in every Shawnee County home for a month?


Lifts the equivalent weight of 17+ elephants each month?

Football Fields

Diverts enough plastic from landfills to cover 100+ football fields with 1 inch of plastic?

A proven and trusted method of destruction utilized by:

Government Agencies, Banks, Hospitals, Utilities and other Commercial Sectors.

Real Support. Real People.

Our team is committed to leaving the world a better place for future generations. We make a difference!